RRS is your partner in community planning
Recovery and Relief Services, Inc. is a small consultancy that focuses on a range of issues including economic empowerment, disaster recovery planning, community development program design, and anti-gentrification organizing. We believe in community-led development and planning, and work closely with our partners to identify strategies that meet their needs, develop local capacity, and conserve local resources.

We group our work into two broad categories: economic empowerment and disaster resilience. These include a wide variety of issues and approaches that we have expertise in. We encourage you to explore these sections more thoroughly and determine how we can best assist you.
Recovery and Relief Services, Inc. 2016 | email: info@recoveryandrelief.org
Economic Resilience
RRS has teamed up with J&M Global Solutions to develop a series of planning tools and workshops on economic resilience for emergency managers, the private sector, and local governments. To learn more about our initiative, click below: